The AgileJury® Solution

May 9, 2017

From initial summons to paying an empaneled jury, AgileJury is an easy, integrated solution that transforms the jury service experience.

Jury duty should be a privilege, not a chore. Jurors—and courts—often suffer through complex, siloed manual processes that add time, effort and administrative costs.

AgileJury, designed with input from jury administrators, is available as a complete end-to-end solution comprised of multiple service offerings covering the entire summons, selection and fulfillment process.

  • Print/Mail Service and Summons Postcards
    Simplifies and automates the summons process.
  • Jury Display System
    Moves potential jurors from assembly areas to courtrooms in a smooth, efficient manner.
  • eJuror (IWR) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System
    Automates communication and reduces staff workload associated with information collection and delivery.
  • Jury Check-In/Check-Out Kiosk System
    Jurors check in, check out and print their own badges, letters of attendance and more, unassisted.
  • Document Management
    Revolutionizes the way juror qualification questionnaires are processed.
  • Way2Go Card™ Payment
    Deliver funds and pay jurors more securely and efficiently.
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