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Boston Transportation Department

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Although 600,000 people live in Boston, another 600,000 come into the city to work, shop and see the sights each day.

These volumes make proper on-street parking management and enforcement both a challenge and a necessity for economic growth. Accuracy, from the way tickets are written to the way they are processed, is critical.

Boston’s Office of Parking Clerk initially engaged Conduent to provide back-office support. But this arrangement laid the foundation for great things to come. Boston gained the foundational elements needed to build a world-class on-street parking operation from the ground-up.

Innovations from this 30-plus year public-private partnership include online, real-time payment of parking tickets; online applications for residential parking; kiosks to pay tickets, remove boots and reclaims towed vehicles.

The system resulted in a high parking ticket collection rate; a culture of compliance marked by improved ticket accuracy; high turnover of parking spaces and easy web and kiosk payment systems.