Diversity and Inclusion: Making an Impact on a Global Scale

April 8, 2019 Erica Ong


Strengthening diversity in business leads to improvements across all facets of life: wealth, health and education for all members of society. The fact is, greater diversity leads to better business and societal outcomes. Different perspectives and mutual respect are essential for high-functioning businesses, economies, and communities.

As a company grows its footprint across geographic borders, making diversity and inclusion part of its cultural fabric can have a meaningful impact on both global reach and business success. Many studies have proven the business value of having gender, ethnic and cultural diversity within a company’s decision-making leadership. McKinsey & Company’s January 2018 Delivering through Diversity Report found that companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on their executive teams were 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability than companies in the fourth quartile.

Global business, global expectations
Conduent is a global corporation serving businesses and governments from locations around the world. We’re proud that multicultural, global teams form the fabric of who we are. We’re also passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion across our organization through a range of company-sponsored programs and individual development opportunities. Building a culture where everyone is valued, respected and accepted is not just good for our business; it’s the right thing to do.

It’s invigorating to see that a large percentage of our customers are also making diversity and inclusion a key facet of their cultures. When they partner with us, they expect to see our commitment to diversity carry through their interactions with us — wherever we do business. They expect us to operate in a way that takes cultural and ethnic differences into account and uses that diversity to their company’s strategic advantage.  No matter where in the world we’re doing business, our global perspective on diversity and inclusion guides us in attracting, retaining, supporting and developing top talent. That’s good for our employees and our business — and it’s good for our customers’ businesses too.

In my role as a General Manager for multiple Conduent lines of businesses, and as co-chair of our global Women’s Impact Network (our Employee Impact Group for women), I see firsthand the power that incorporating, demonstrating and supporting diversity can have on Conduent’s ability to serve our clients and extend our global reach.

Conduent Employee Impact Groups: catalysts for change
Conduent’s Employee Impact Groups (EIGs) have helped our company establish a blueprint for supporting talent development and growth in our office locations around the world, thus contributing to stronger communities. We’ve established six distinct EIGs to date including African Heritage, Disability, Generations, LGBTQ+, Veterans, and the Women’s Impact Network.

These groups are both outward signs of our commitment to diversity and inclusion and internal catalysts for enacting positive change. By fostering an inclusive and diverse culture, we not only retain and grow existing talent, but we’re also better positioned to attract top talent from around the globe.

Because we aim to hold ourselves accountable to diverse and inclusive hiring practices, this active expression of our values positively impacts our organization’s DNA. It also strengthens the communities and local economies from which we draw talent and where our employees live and raise their families.

Continuing the conversation
In today’s business environment, broadening your company’s international reach requires the power of a diverse workforce – one that understands and supports inclusive policies and practices, while appreciating and celebrating cultural differences. When we come together to embrace diversity and inclusion across our communities and around the globe, we support business development and strong communities.

If you’d like to join in a conversation around globalization and diversity, please attend the panel discussion on Globalization at the National Diversity Council’s 15th Annual Diversity and Leadership Conference in Dallas this week. I’m excited to be a speaker on this panel, and involved in broader discussions on diversity, inclusion and leadership at this week’s conference.

About the Author

Erica Ong is the Vice President of Customer Experience Management Sales for Conduent. For over 20 years, Erica has successfully worked across all industries to design, implement and operate global Customer Service, Sales, Retention, Collections and Technical Support solutions across multiple channels that increase revenue and drive customer loyalty for her clients. She has a strong background in business development, analytics and operations. During her 19-year tenure with Conduent, Erica has been a General Manager responsible for delivery, growth, client satisfaction, and financial performance for Customer Experience solutions provided by Conduent and filled many leadership positions in the CX space. Erica is passionate about implementing digital solutions to improve the human experience and building diverse workforces to drive positive change.

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