Analytics reduced readmission rates for newborn babies

May 23, 2016 Frank Spinelli

While population health management may be a buzzword, it truly is at the root of the services Xerox Healthcare provides for our clients.

The Xerox Care Management group recently saw the value of population health management when working with a state Medicaid customer. Our analytics uncovered causes of hospital readmission and informed quality improvement activities that improved the overall care of jaundiced newborns. Had we only relied on conventional quality improvement activities, we may have missed that opportunity to impact total population healthcare practices and make a difference in this state.

When analyzing and compiling data for the state’s quarterly report, we initially identified favorable readmission rates. However, when we dug deeper into the root causes of readmission of newborn babies, we discovered that conditions originating in the prenatal period had a significantly higher 30 day readmission rate. Further analysis also showed that rural counties had the highest readmission rates for conditions originating in that timeframe.

Through quality improvement initiatives, we discovered many of these rural counties did not have access to transportation or the necessary durable medical equipment for home phototherapy. That’s why recently discharged jaundiced infants required readmission to the hospital.

We worked with the state to develop strategies to eliminate barriers and decrease healthcare costs. Our solutions included an educational campaign for high-risk mothers with the highest readmission rates, and figured out how to deliver the right medical equipment to the counties where transportation is an issue. We also introduced programs that increase awareness of jaundice, breastfeeding implications, and additional care management interventions.

Case study: Xerox Reduces Readmissions Using Analytics
A comprehensive approach to analytics can make the biggest difference when evaluating program effectiveness. We used analytics to help a state Medicaid client significantly reduce hospital readmission rates, avoid more than $1 million in healthcare costs and improve care of newborn babies. Learn more about Xerox Care Management Solutions.

Newborn readmission rates in the state declined by 19 percent — well over our initial goal of 10 percent — which helped our customer to reduce healthcare costs. We’re reviewing other ideas that can make even more of an impact.

I’m proud to say our Care Management group was recently honored by the Case Management Society of America with the Case Management Practice Improvement Award for our work with this state. This award recognizes an individual, group, or organization that uses findings from a quality/performance improvement project for innovation in the advancement of case management practice and/or improved client outcomes. Special congratulations to Kathy Black, Jennie Echols, Vicki Parsons, Alison Kennan and the entire Care Management team.

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