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Business Operations Proceed at Full Strength During COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has brought much of the world to an unprecedented halt. But the need for business operations at large enterprises to carry on hasn’t stopped nor have the risks. Litigation continues during this uncertain time as do other legal proceedings. Mergers and acquisitions continue with ongoing deadlines from regulatory authorities. While court dates may be delayed, court requests still continue via Zoom. As a result, corporate general counsel as well as risk/compliance officers are worried that the government-ordered stay-at-home mandates will affect their organizational ability both to meet any ongoing obligations and to mitigate their exposure to risk as this pandemic persists.

At Conduent, we haven’t stopped helping our clients meet their business milestones. As the COVID-19 pandemic became a global tsunami, across Conduent worldwide we took immediate steps so that our teams could become fully remote to continue to meet our clients’ ongoing regulatory and litigation requirements and security concerns. Even in India, while the country was locking down and closing its borders, in less than two weeks we worked to enable almost every Legal, Compliance & Analytics Indian team member to work remotely.

Conduent Services Continue Uninterrupted

In addition, our Managed Review team re-maneuvered its operations with unparalleled speed as the windows were closing in on us – an almost unthinkable feat since this team must work in a completely secure onsite environment. Managed Review developed an alternative solution that continues to deliver results to our clients while alleviating their concerns about protected data. Robust security measures were put in place, including all review platforms accessed through a dedicated, auditable secure virtual environment. We are also deploying an enhanced monitoring solution is to detect any security violations normally controlled onsite (e.g., phone presence, non-authorized user presence, access from a public space or prolonged inactivity).

In another example of how Legal, Compliance & Analytics quickly adapted to the COVID-19 stay-at-home mandates, the Data Management teams, which normally worked from multiple office locations, quickly moved 100% to remote almost overnight. Fortunately, the capability was already in place with a VPN solution, Microsoft Teams and Office 365 collaboration tools as well as an infrastructure built to use virtual machines. The tools and processes used are all accessed via our secure data centers in the U.S. and the U.K. as well as in the secure Azure cloud with proper security clearance. As a result, there has been no interruption of services or support as well as no change to client interactions since clients have always remotely accessed Conduent data through secure platforms.

All told, the transition to remote was seamless for our business operations service delivery teams. Our workflows themselves are unchanged and our ability to service client requests is undiminished. We are performing at full strength for our clients during this pandemic. To find out how Conduent can help you find answers, please visit us at or call 1-844-ONE-CNDT.