Conduent Innovation Center Opened April 25 in Florham Park Headquarters

April 24, 2019 Tracy Yelenscics


Designed to Deliver Customized, Interactive and Productive Client Experiences

Expectations for businesses are shifting at an ever-accelerating pace driven by the increasing expectations of the patients, employees, members and consumers they serve, and also by new technologies enabling new levels of personalization, connectivity and knowledge. Our goal is to leverage these new technologies to transform the way our clients work to elevate experiences for our clients and their constituents.

As a technology-led digital interactions company, we’re working every day to create and deliver solutions for our business and government clients that help them create more satisfying interactions with their end users. Interactions that are individualized to each person’s unique expectations; immediate — delivering on those expectations at scale and in real time; and intelligent — using  data, analytics and other tools to create more relevant and helpful experiences.  

With this focus inspiring everything we’re doing at Conduent, I am thrilled to announce that our first Innovation Center is opening April 25 at our Florham Park, NJ headquarters. The Conduent Innovation Center is a place where clients and partners can experience the 3 Is in action and see firsthand through a personalized and immersive experience how a focus on these three critical imperatives can deliver organizational transformation at massive scale.

Breaking it down a bit more, here’s how we define the 3 Is in the context of service delivery:

  • Individualized: In any service interaction today, we expect the digital experience to be personalized, regardless of the context. And with the advent of the social web, each end user has a personal megaphone to share feedback and directly influence a company's reputation. Our best digital experience in one situation always sets the standard for the next. The combination of mobile cloud-based apps and contextual data are enabling this to happen. Regardless of the tools, technology or industry – remaining grounded in this first principle is useful for understanding expectations in almost any industry.
  • Immediate: This comes to life at two levels. First in our personal experience, “now” is the new delivery standard. Everything should be accessible with the tap of a finger. Overnight is not good enough when there is same-day. But Immediate is not just about service delivery.  It also speaks to the rapid simplification of the industry value chains and eco-systems in which we all participate. It is the emergence of digital business platforms that are connecting eco-systems to eliminate layers and accelerate service delivery.
  • Intelligent: Big data has become “exploding data” creating new possibilities for process and experience improvement. The sustainable advantage of a digital-commerce business is collecting data across the digital value chain and turning that data into actionable insights. Predictability is yielding new levels of operational resiliency and experience for the end user.

Each visitor to the Conduent Innovation Center can expect a totally customized experience that is tailored to their business and digital transformation goals.

The Innovation Center journey will begin by focusing on the end user each visitor serves, and then exploring and workshopping opportunities to improve the end-user experience as they make their way through the center. Through data visualizations, touch table explorations, dynamic videos, interactive demonstrations and digital workshop sessions, visitors will be guided through an immersive experience, where they will discover solutions to key industry problems, helping them to transform their operations to stay ahead of technological disruption and remain competitive in their sectors.

The Innovation Center will let us share, in an entirely hands-on manner, what it’s like for organizations to partner with Conduent to tackle their greatest client challenges today and develop a plan to transform for the future. We are looking forward to the upcoming client workshops where we can listen and discuss client pain points and collaborate on solutions.


Learn more about the Innovation Center here:


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