Defining the future of bill review: Conduent takes on the National Workers Compensation & Disability Conference

December 6, 2017 Brent MacLean


Paperless world. Going digital. Digitization. Digital transformation. You’ve likely heard these buzzwords many times. In today’s increasingly digital environment, consumers are accessing all kinds of traditional “paper” online: from books to bank statements; from magazines to maps.

When it comes to the healthcare industry, however, things aren’t moving as fast. According to a Fiserv report, as few as 10 percent of medical bills are delivered electronically and only 8 percent of hospital bills are paperless. However if we look at other industries, 48 percent of mobile phone bills for example are exclusively paperless.

How is it that something as important as our healthcare system is open to the inaccuracies and inefficiencies of paper billing? In just one division of healthcare, workers compensation has claims processes that are burdened with laborious and paper-heavy workflows. When bills come in for a workers compensation claim, there’s a lot of back and forth between the medical bill review service provider, payer and provider. Broken workflows have long been a part of the problem for this legacy system. In my opinion, there are four major “fails” in today’s bill review system:

  1. Too much paper
  2. Poor data capture
  3. Manual touches
  4. Disconnected processes

Now, imagine a future where we can get information faster, make decisions quicker and eliminate those fails. A “paperless world,” made possible through innovative and advanced technology, where information is immediately captured correctly, delivered efficiently, and stakeholders have real-time visibility. At Conduent, we’re working on a blueprint to reach this future. Our Strataware Medical Bill Review software, the industry leader, is at the crux of this strategy and has the capabilities to change bill review for the better:

  • Strataware Comp Validator increases auto-adjudication of medical bills and improves cost containment.
  • Strataware +Pay Integrated Provider Payment Solution combines customer service with innovative technology to reduce expenses and streamline workflows.

I laid out my vision for this future at yesterday’s National Workers Compensation & Disability Conference in a session titled, “Game Changer. Creating a New Blueprint for Medical Bill Review, an Entrenched Process.” My key takeaway? We tackle the hardest part of the equation first: Creating a centralized place where all information flows in and out, keeps data moving and minimizes paper use. The transformation process has a ripple effect – dramatically improving speed, accuracy and connectivity of the process and reducing costs.

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