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Expert Suggestions from the Rebuilding NY Summit – key to improving mobility

Inadequate transportation infrastructure is not only an issue that affects New York, but every municipality across the nation these days. It is more than just issues with a subway system, but a much bigger mobility challenge requiring technology upgrades to all travel modalities across the city.

Congested roadways, constant gridlock, and outdated public transit systems – including buses, ferries and trains – New York has recognized these issues, and is working to find new ways to resolve its mobility challenges in hopes of helping the city’s estimated 8.6 million people get to where they are going, faster and more efficiently.

Adding to the challenge, a lack of funding to fix outdated infrastructure is exacerbated by current infrastructure wearing out before it can be replaced. This is why the Conduent Transportation team sponsored and participated in the City & State’s Rebuilding New York Summit last month, which featured in-depth discussions about New York’s biggest infrastructure challenges — including funding for repairs, policy recommendations, and where the city and state have seen its biggest successes and shortcomings.

In short, it’s best for New York and other major metropolitan areas to incorporate smaller improvements, incrementally over time, to keep roads, railways, bridges, utilities and other critical lifelines running as smoothly as possible.

During a panel session entitled, Impact of Rebuilding New York’s Transportation Systems, Scott Doering, Conduent Transportation’s General Manager of Roadway Charging & Management, spoke alongside other key panelists including State Senator Todd Kaminsky, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environmental Conservation, and New York City Councilman Ydanis Rodríguez, Chairman of the Council’s Transportation Committee.

Panelists discussed New York’s infrastructure challenges and shared with 193 attendees how the city is already making significant headway to meet growing transportation priorities, by

  • Revamping the city’s bus network
  • Increasing ferry routes
  • Expanding bike share options to the outer boroughs
  • Legalizing e-bike and e-scooters
  • Planning for the implementation of congestion pricing in certain parts of the city and state

As Conduent Transportation has previously worked with New York on other key transportation improvement projects, Scott Doering was able to provide insight into potential improvements that would help to further improve mobility within the city, making life easier for New Yorkers and the state’s many visitors. Many of the solutions that Conduent Transportation offers also help local regions collect much needed revenue that can be used to re-invest into further infrastructure renovation initiatives.

Doering went on to say, “It’s great to see NY tackle this problem holistically, looking across all travel modalities, to address the city’s transportation needs.”

Conduent Transportation can’t wait to see what’s in store for New York in 2020 as they continue to improve mobility across the region. We stand ready to help them every step of the way on their journey.