How one call center handles 2 million customer calls per month

June 30, 2016 Chuck Koskovich

A lot of people rely on Xerox for our ability to provide customer care support.  Our customer service agents work on behalf our clients every day resolving customer inquiries via webchat, and email as well as the telephone. So when industry watchers take notice, like the Everest Group and HfS Research who recognized us as a leader of the call center industry, it’s timely to discuss this week since its Call Center Week.

Today, I’m in Las Vegas for the Call Center Week Conference + Expo to present a case study on how we are able to use our capabilities, people and partnerships for the ultimate benefit of our customers.

Our nearshore and global capabilities are a key component of this recognition. You might not know that Xerox offers call center support in about 30 countries throughout the world, including Jamaica. In fact, over 7,000 Xerox customer care agents in Jamaica handle more than two million calls per month on behalf of 48 FORTUNE 100 clients. Our quality ratings consistently exceed performance goals, and we’ve increased automation and self-service in the country. The result is accelerated problem resolution and improved customer satisfaction.


We’ve supported companies looking to provide a remarkable customer experience for over two decades. But we aren’t bogged down in old, archaic processes – in fact, we’re transforming the customer care model from a voice-centric cost center to an omnichannel, always-on, customer experience powerhouse.

Our $25 million budget for customer care research and development has resulted in a four-stage model that moves from simply operating to analyzing, augmenting and automating.

Our people are a critical component to our success, so we’ve invested heavily in them. We’ve introduced a number of employee programs, resulting in a unique sense of camaraderie at our Jamaica locations that you don’t often see at other call centers. We’ve also increased the training for our managers, which helps them become strong leaders. They’re also able to eliminate inefficiencies, and implement effective change management programs.

These investments have resulted in some of the highest employee retention rates within our Jamaican workforce.

We have more than 25 years’ experience creating successful customer relationships.  And today, we process millions of customer interactions worldwide.  See how this translates to great customer care.


customer care model
We owe a great deal of our success in Jamaica to our strong working relationship with our partners, including Cable & Wireless Communications and the Government of Jamaica.

  • We can only work as well as the network available to us. Cable & Wireless provides a “fault tolerant network” that will allows us to reach 99.99% uptime in Jamaica this year.
  • The Jamaican government, though its economic development agency JAMPRO, has placed considerable emphasis on supporting and growing the business process outsourcing sector in the country. Their “BPO Czar” coordinates a multi-ministry effort that is developing a five-year plan to double the size of the sector by 2020. Their work has already contributed to a favorable business environment.

Our capabilities, people and partners provide the foundation that allows us to deliver unmatched service around the world, including Jamaica.

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