Making Progress on Corporate Social Responsibility

January 16, 2020 Chris Gilligan

Since becoming a public company in 2017, Conduent has accomplished many firsts.  And today we are very proud to share our first-ever Corporate Social Responsibility Report, which is a reflection of Conduent’s journey that summarizes our employees’ philanthropic efforts and highlights our 2019 achievements. How fitting that today’s news coincides with “Proud to be Conduent Day,” a day the company dedicates to supporting the communities globally where its employees live and work.

Conduent’s commitment to CSR is firmly based in its delivery of mission-critical services and solutions supporting businesses and governments globally. We not only create exceptional outcomes for clients and the millions of people who count on them, but also contribute to communities around the world. Conduent’s CSR commitment is focused on three dimensions:

Strengthening Our Communities

  • Dedication to strengthening our communities through financial support and volunteerism by our employees.

Empowering Our People

  • Empowering our people with a focus on diversity and inclusion that manifests itself in everything we do — from our global employment policies to our Employee Impact Groups – we value every individual, and together we create value for our customers.

Governing Our Business

  • Maintaining the importance of our clients’ trust in us. We work every day to honor our commitments to safeguard customer information, manage risk, operate with integrity and ethical values and treat all individuals with dignity and respect in every interaction.

Part of Strengthening our Communities is The Conduent Foundation. We give back through volunteerism and charitable donations to the organizations and causes in communities where our employees work and live. Our foundation’s mission is:

• To provide leadership, focus and oversight to our philanthropic activities; and

• Through employee volunteerism, enable our people to bring our commitment to corporate citizenship to life by investing in the causes that are most important to them.

Through Conduent’s CSR efforts and its foundation, we’ve established a rich culture of volunteerism in a relatively short amount of time. Volunteerism cuts across our businesses and the countries in which we operate. Whether it’s Mexico, India, Guatemala, Jamaica, or our home base here in the United States, our employees’ volunteer efforts include education, healthcare, food and shelter, and housing. And, even in locations impacted by natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanos, our employees are still reaching out to help others.

In Mexico, Conduent employees from our Mexico City and Puebla offices volunteered to help more than 800 children from Bobashi de Guadalupe, an impoverished community of Atlacomulco, 90 and 170 miles away, respectively. Employees created safe and engaging spaces for children to play by cleaning, installing signage, and designing and painting a mural for a preschool and community center.

Near Conduent’s headquarters in Florham Park, N.J. 37 volunteers hammered, sawed and framed walls as part of a Habitat for Humanity project to build 12 homes for 12 families. There are many more examples.

All told, in 2019, 21,234 Conduent employees, took part in 141 volunteer projects, donating over 49,000 hours across the globe, demonstrating their commitment to give back to community members and organizations in need. Through Proud to be Conduent Day, the Company provides another opportunity for employees to give back, which they do by serving meals and organizing food drives, hosting book drives, donating supplies to those in need or writing to deployed troops, among many other examples.

And beyond highlights from Conduent’s 2019 CSR Report, through its delivery of services and solutions to businesses and governments, the company also:

  • Processes more than one-third, or almost 5 million, of the United States’ child support payments every year; and
  • Serves more than 30 million customers annually with government healthcare services, including approximately 23 million Medicaid and CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program) beneficiaries; and
  • Provides modern, digital payment solutions to approximately 25 million cardholders, which includes approximately 50% of the nation’s payments to beneficiaries under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

We are very proud of progress toward our commitment to CSR. More work lies ahead, and we welcome the opportunity to improve upon our contributions to the social fabric of the communities we serve.

To learn more about Conduent’s CSR progress, please read Conduent's 2019 CSR Report.

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Chris Gilligan is the Conduent Foundation President

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