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Managed Review Goes Remote

As the coronavirus hit the world full force and made social distancing and stay-at-home orders mandatory for many countries around the world, the practice of managed review, integral to the eDiscovery process, faced a daunting obstacle. How would this practice continue?

Managed review, a practice which typically requires attorneys and professional investigators to work in dedicated, highly secure rooms, with biometric entrance controls, sitting side-by-side in front of computers, scouring through thousands of highly confidential documents…how could that work continue on, uninterrupted?

In response to this challenge, Conduent quickly developed an alternative and viable solution that was ready for deployment “just in time.” Because we’ve invested significantly in our managed review offering — through cutting-edge technology, highly refined processes and expertly trained teams — we lost no time in assisting our global clients who were facing docket-sensitive litigations. Here’s a quick look at how we did it.

Creating the answer to remote managed review

By combining a suite of intelligent and flexible hardware and software technologies, we developed a defensible methodology that enables thousands of professionals across the globe to remotely perform the managed review process from their own homes. Simultaneously, Conduent has been able to continue to provide the highest level of security and data protection that customers expect while also demonstrating first-hand the value it places on its professional reviewers.

Remotely conducting managed review yields a number of critical benefits for both clients and our team members alike.

  • For clients, their data remains fully protected, housed in a highly secure repository and accessed from a monitored environment. They have access to a broader talent pool to support review activities because resources can work from anywhere instead of just Conduent’s brick and mortal locations.
  • For Conduent’s remote professionals, they benefit from working from the safety of their own homes — eliminating commute times and enabling flexibility in work hours. Our associates are still able to fully participate in daily calibration and quality control meetings via secure online conferences.

The benefits of highly secure, remote staffing extend beyond the crisis

Remote Managed Review is an ideal solution for our clients both in times of crisis and during steady state.

Because the practice of managed review requires associates to handle tremendous volumes of documents with tight deadlines — the benefits of being able to employee a global workforce, working on various time zones significantly increase. Drawing from hundreds and hundreds of professionals around the world, both capacity and scalability are compounded.

With a remote workforce, we’re able to provide our clients with a follow-the-sun approach to a review project, directing the right documents to the right teams at the right time. And, because this remote way of working is appealing for many professionals, we have built a bench of high-quality review associates who have a solid understanding of the communication patterns of companies facing litigation and investigations and can serve as a seamless extension of our clients’ legal departments.

Conduent’s remote professionals undergo rigorous training, and learn how to access and navigate our secure technology and review platforms. They learn the most efficient ways for collaborating with other reviewers as well as how to manage their metrics. They also interact with counsel via regularly scheduled live training and feedback sessions. Remote reviewers are taught, for example, the types of issues to look for, thresholds for relevance and privilege, techniques for ensuring consistency, and when items should be sent on for counsel to address.

The road ahead

We are thrilled to be supporting our clients with a secure, results-driven, remote-based approach to managed review — during the pandemic and beyond. By pivoting to deliver custom solutions for our clients in a challenging situation, we’ve created new options for working that will have enduring benefits for both our clients and our business moving forward.

To find out how Conduent can help you find answers, visit us at or call 1-844-ONE-CNDT.