Streamlining and Improving Child Care Case Management

April 9, 2021 Crystal Gebhart

While many state programs have long seen the advantages of working closely with outside providers to improve operations—Conduent is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its first child support payment processing contract this year—in other programs, that level of public-private partnership has not yet been reached. Child care case management is a great example. For states exploring a relationship with an outside provider for the first time, these services may present a powerful opportunity for improving operations.  

In our 10 years of experience managing the technology, innovation and case management practices required to improve case management operations for subsidized child care programs, Conduent has helped provide real innovation in how cases and providers are served.  

So far, most states have yet to take advantage of the potential benefits of working with an outside provider to enhance these services with innovative functionality that includes:  

  • Application Processing  
  • Change Management  
  • Voucher Issuance and Receipting  
  • Invoice Processing  
  • Customer Service  

For states looking to outsource these services, the ideal provider would be able to: 

  • Centralize local office programs into a single, streamlined operation 
  • Establish a paperless system with document imaging 
  • Develop a strong rapport with child care providers through outreach activities, side by side with the client agency 
  • Team with the agency to comply with any needed federal and legislative audits 
  • Engage in regular, transparent communications with program leadership 
  • Demonstrate flexibility to meet customer needs in changing circumstances, such as the recent pandemic or important government policy changes  

If you’re interested in finding out more about the opportunity to improve your case management operations, please reach out

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