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February 2, 2016 conduentblogs

By RG Conlee, chief innovation officer 

“Work smarter, not harder.” Allan Mogensen, the father of work simplification, coined the phrase we have all heard at some point in our lives.  The concept is an easy one: Simplifying the way we do work leads to better outcomes.  Whether it’s with faster production or better service, we are all striving to improve how we affect the daily lives of our consumers.  As we move toward the virtual workforce environment, I believe that the future is in our robotic process automation.


A true game-changer, our robotic process automation services, uses the Xerox Automation Suite of software to perform rules-based business processes that are repetitive and mundane. These “bots” take on the tedious tasks that otherwise lead to boredom, and mistakes made by human error.  They give you, and your employees, the ability to focus on more engaging, and rewarding, aspects of your job.

This is more than putting in new technology, we’re looking to improve the way work is done. Here are some examples of areas where robotic process automation stands out:

  • Police officers spend more time in their communities, and less time riding a desk.
  • Nurses focus on patient care instead of quirky business processes.
  • Loan officers focus on decisions instead of process so that young families can buy their first home.
  • Instead of searching for information, service agents delight your customers with good answers.

Accurate, fast and able to interact with all types of systems, the Xerox Automation Suite works harder, so that you can work smarter. As one of many innovative differentiators in our always-growing library of Xerox proprietary tools, the Xerox Automation Suite continues to take our robotic process automation services to exciting new levels.  I urge you to take a look at this video to see how we can transform your business today.

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