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The 5G World Beckons

Editor’s note: The fabric of business is now intertwined with mobile. And each year, professionals from all industries get together at Mobile World Congress to discuss what that really means. Conduent leaders attended as well. In the second of our three-part series, Ginnette Baker discusses the upcoming 5G revolution.


This year’s Mobile World Congress was abuzz about 5G and all the possibilities it will bring to industries around the world.

The reason for the excitement: 5G, the fifth generation standard for wireless networks, is considered fundamental to reaching the potential of the digital revolution. It opens the possibility for new use cases in wireless, such as the Internet of Things. 5G – unlike 4G before it – is not tied to a single technology.

It is defined by its autonomous functionality. Every band is reserved for a different type of communication. As a result, it provides a natural evolution in speed, bandwidth and technology. 5G brings to life true breakthrough potential for innovations such as connected driverless cars and remote surgeries.

According to Liberty Global, it is estimated that it will cost $275 Billion to bring 5G to life.  With over 120 different operators competing in a declining revenue market, finding the money to invest in will be a challenge.

The ability for all industries to adapt will be imperative. 5G it will change the way the world does business. Within the next three years, it’s estimated that 83 percent of the world’s consumers will expect to transact digitally.

That fact alone makes for an exciting time in the world of business process services. At Conduent, we’re focused on helping our customers embrace digital transformation by implementing and integrating new systems, solutions and ways of operating. Our goal is to work with our clients to develop modernized end-to-end constituent experiences.

One familiar example of a digitally re-engineered experience is our work with communities such as Los Angeles, Denver and Centennial, Colorado. We’ve worked with those areas to create apps that allow commuters to utilize a multi-modal approach to getting around.

This is a revolution you might not even see. Intelligent Agent is an application we deploy to call centers that uses artificial intelligence and automation to answer customer questions and resolve customer problems. The system also utilizes analytics to improve the overall customer experience.

These are just small examples on the way to a bright 5G-driven future. No wonder there was such a buzz in Barcelona.