These two healthcare leaders are forging connections to build a healthy future

November 28, 2016 Tamara St Claire

If one thing is clear, it’s that the healthcare industry is undergoing a seismic shift – one that promises a healthier future for all its stakeholders.

I’m excited to launch a podcast that seeks to catalog and trace our progress in that endeavor. Our first episode features two people who have more in common than they may have realized; they’re both in the business of making connections.

Six months to go 100 yards

Lisa Maki was confronted with a dire situation in 2010. Diagnosed with a synovial cyst, she searched high and low for a remedy that didn’t involve a spine fusion.

When she found that alternative six months later, it came with a twist of un-imaginable irony and coincidence. Dr. Dubick was running a study using human growth hormone to treat Lisa’s condition, and he just happened to be located in the same hospital as the doctor who had originally told her to have spine fusion surgery – all about a mile from her home.

Lisa likes to say that it “took [her] six months to go 100 yards.”

Tamara StClaire hosts the Healthy Future podcast, a show about the incredible transformation happening in healthcare today and the progress we’re looking forward to seeing tomorrow.

Lisa is now the CEO of PokitDok, a company working to connect people with the healthcare information they seek. The company aims to enable the patient experiences, business models and security healthcare deserves through fluid data exchange. APIs – a fast, cheap and reliable way of bridging information between different services and software – are central to enabling this “API Economy” in healthcare.

Today, it doesn’t take 6 months for someone to find their Dr. Dubick; it takes less than 6 seconds.

Dialogues and introductions

In November of 2010, when Lisa was searching for Dr. Dubick, Andre Blackman had already been blogging at Pulse + Signal for over three years. He closely followed the intersection of healthcare and technology and broadcasted it to the world.

Coupled with his outgoing personality, the platform allowed Andre to meet and network with all kinds of different influencers in the healthcare world, like Susannah Fox – now the chief technology officer for the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. And after building a vast Rolodex of relationships, today he helps healthcare organizations build strategy guides and playbooks to connect with their relevant stakeholders and audiences. He ensures that the people who should know each other do know each other.

One forum that Andre uses to connect people is the annual Health:Further conference. It’s a gathering of more than 1,000 of the nation’s leading minds to further the dialogue on healthcare innovation. Providers, payers, practitioners, investors, employers and entrepreneurs come together to learn, collaborate and – of course – connect around a common goal.

And it’s working. In August a partnership was announced with the Global Market Development Center to advance consumer health and wellness innovations by combining Health:Further and Retail Tomorrow initiatives.

In different capacities, Lisa and Andre are both in the business of making connections, and both are making an enormous, positive impact in healthcare.

This article was originally published in LinkedIn Pulse.

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