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Transforming Amid Uncertainty by Staying Focused on Our Clients and People

Since I joined Conduent as CEO just over a year ago, a lot has changed — both at Conduent and on a global scale. What started as a journey toward companywide transformation soon hit a pandemic-sized detour that not only changed how we live and work, but also how we support our clients on this continuing path forward. 

It’s humbling to look back over the past six months at the way our associates have faced this unexpected adversity with resilience and teamwork, while demonstrating a steadfast determination to deliver services for our clients. Despite shifts in working arrangements and family life, our great team has pressed onward at warp speed — tirelessly working to evolve our company for the better, collaborate with our clients at every turn, and deliver measurable results.

Thanks to our associates’ hard work, Conduent’s performance is improving and our transformation is gaining momentum. We’ve taken a very systematic and deliberate approach to driving efficiency in our operational processes and costs; improving quality through industry best practices that enable consistent, predictable service delivery; and creating growth by strengthening satisfaction and placing our clients at the center of all that we do. So many organizations across our diverse portfolio count on our associates to deliver essential services on their behalf, and I’m incredibly proud of the work our team performs every day in support of our clients.

We’ve made progress, but there is still much work to be done. We’re laser-focused on deepening our relationships with our clients and earning their confidence through the consistency and continuous improvement that will fuel our growth. We’ve built a strong foundation for sustained success, and now is the time for execution.

I am honored to lead our talented team and grateful for the trust of our clients. I’ve always believed that leadership means never becoming complacent or too comfortable. That principle is true for people and companies, and while it inherently means that the hard work is never “done” — it also means that we’ll never stop getting better at what we do.   


About the Author

Cliff Skelton, Conduent President & CEO: Cliff is driving Conduent’s strategy to deliver mission-critical services and solutions to global businesses and governments, creating exceptional outcomes for them and the millions of people they serve. As both CEO and a Member of the Board, he is focused on leading Conduent to growth and long-term success. Cliff has significant experience in large-scale operations and enterprise transformations, as well as deep knowledge of technology. He joined Conduent from Fiserv Corporation, where he most recently served as President of Fiserv Output Solutions, where he drove large-scale transformation of the company’s technology services, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of its technology platforms.

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