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October 18, 2016 RG Conlee

At Xerox, innovation is in our DNA. But innovation that never leaves the design table is not innovation at all. Our aim is to redesign business processes and augment them with analytics and automation to unlock real value for our clients.


With over $1.2 billion invested in R&D each year, Xerox is behind major breakthroughs that transform how work gets done. We work with our clients to innovate, incubate, and explore new solutions to critical business challenges.

This relentless pursuit gained attention when word spread that we’ve been named the “Outstanding Corporate Innovator” (OCI) for 2016 by the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), a global community representing more than 2,000 professionals representing some of the most  recognized and respected innovative companies around the world. PDMA cited Xerox Services’ use of automation, analytics, and personalization to provide innovative business process solutions for customers in a wide range of industries.

More than 25 Xerox innovations were considered by PDMA, spanning the transportation, healthcare, and customer care industries, including:

  • Xerox Vehicle Passenger Detection System (VPDS): The camera-based system uses video analytics to identify the number of vehicle occupants in a high-occupancy vehicle lane at speeds ranging from stop and go to 100 mph. Live testing on our system showed a 95 percent accuracy rate.
  • Xerox Automation Suite: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is built into everything we do at Xerox, enabling our customers to achieve greater operational efficiency, faster time to market and improved quality. The Xerox Automation Suite include Xerox Case Management, which orchestrates all of the software ‘bots,’ and Xerox Automated Intelligence, which mimics human actions by routing or processing data based on specific rules.
  • Juvo Care Performance Platform: An advanced healthcare analytics and workflow software package that collects and analyzes patient-care data to deliver detailed recommendations for better healthcare.

The OCI Award is the only innovation award that recognizes sustained and quantifiable business results from new products and services, and Xerox is the only company to receive the award twice – also winning in 2006 for the use of innovation in our printing business. Fifty-three other organizations have received the award, including BMW, Clorox, Corning and Dow Chemical.

Our continued focus on best-in-class innovation embracing ingenuity will ensure that Xerox remains in the vanguard of innovation and digital business transformation.

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