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Viewpoint™ eDiscovery 7.2: New Features and Benefits

Conduent’s last two Viewpoint™ eDiscovery releases, including the late 2019 release of Viewpoint 7.0 followed by a 2020 release of CAL capabilities in Viewpoint 7.1, brought greater flexibility, effortless access and built-in conveniences to our corporate and law firm clients — enhancements that enabled simplified navigation, project-level intelligence and greater ease of collaboration into their hands. Now, I’m thrilled to be back sharing the most exciting features available with the Viewpoint 7.2 release — and how this enhanced functionality will impact our users.

What’s new with Viewpoint eDiscovery?

Viewpoint 7.2 further expands Conduent’s Viewpoint offering into a complete end-to-end solution, and brings increased cloud integrations to the workflow through enhanced features and improvements including:

Integration with Hold360: Through a new partnership with Congruity360, Conduent will offer legal hold capabilities. The Hold360 legal hold solution streamlines the litigation hold process, and incorporates one-click data preservation across cloud and enterprise applications, such as Google Suite and Office 365.  A status dashboard and reporting capabilities regarding a client’s legal holds will be integrated directly into Viewpoint. This will enable our clients to get a complete picture of their entire eDiscovery landscape all in one place. Viewpoint’s integration with Hold360 provides a smooth transition from identification and preservation to review and production.

Automated translations: Machine translation at the click of a button is now available in Viewpoint. Compatible with both cloud and on-prem translation solutions, this feature enables users to translate a single document or multiple documents into the desired language for review, and easily toggle between the original and translated versions from the review interface. With some of our clients requiring separate workflows for documents in various languages, this new feature allows users to translate documents on the fly without leaving their place in review or sending foreign language documents to a separate workflow.

Small batch data ingestion: We’re adding new functionality to make it easier to get documents into Viewpoint for review and production. Now authorized users can “drag and drop” documents for processing through the web interface. Documents will automatically be transferred, unpacked, ingested into the matter and posted to review.  Additional automation can be configured for web ingestion for documents to streamline workflows, handle any errors, or apply analytics. This functionality enables self-service, so clients can upload documents at their convenience with greater efficiency and fewer handoffs.

Two-Factor authentication: This extra layer of security protects our clients’ data against automated password attacks, and is a crucial security step in protecting their digital assets and those of the customers they serve — especially those customers with remote workforces, which at this point is the majority.

All the new features are available now.

Viewpoint eDiscovery 7.2 is available now. Stay tuned for more updates as our eDiscovery solution continues to evolve, using the power of Big Data, AI and automation to help our clients move legal insights forward.


About Viewpoint eDiscovery
The Viewpoint platform provides all-in-one eDiscovery software with completely integrated functionality spanning across data collection; pre-processing/processing; ECA; technology-assisted and linear reviews; analysis; production and case management. Through the client portal, users gain a single, centralized view into all analytics, reporting and visualizations across their legal and compliance matters. Learn more.