What’s ahead in 2017 for healthcare?

January 26, 2017 Rohan Kulkarni

Healthcare is once again topping the political agenda in Washington. As those debates unfold, the industry and its players continue to change in important ways.

For example, consider the  hot-button issue of the health consumer engagement. Health consumers are now essentially digital consumers, seeking out the right prices on medical procedures like they do on Amazon. It’s exciting to see changes like this in the health consumer’s behavior, and I’m optimistic that this is for the better.

I had the opportunity recently to talk about the impact of consumer engagement and many other trends in healthcare with Steve Ambrose of the Red Hot Healthcare podcast to discuss our role in the industry. Our discussion came at a time of change for our business. Conduent completed its separation from Xerox Corporation and began trading as an independent company on January 3.

While our name is new, we’ve been in this business for decades and have a strong base of experience working with clients to provide business process services. Conduent Health has a large existing footprint in the healthcare industry, touching two of every three insured patients in the United States.

We’re an integral player across the healthcare industry ecosystem, handling everything from claims processing to patient records and workflow. And we work with 19 of the top 20 managed U.S. healthcare plans, over 2,000 hospital systems, nine of the top 10 pharma and life science companies, and some 29 state governments. Steve and I talk in the podcast about Conduent’s heritage and how it plays out in terms of enhanced solutions to all facets oft he industry.

We also touch on population health management, discussing our excitement for the future of healthcare when payers, providers, pharma, life sciences and communities work together, with data guiding the way, to produce better health outcomes.

Steve and I agree that great population health programs don’t happen to a community – they happen with a community. The more people who are consulted and invited to get involved, the greater the chance of sustained success.

I also share some of my predictions for the year ahead.

Give the podcast a listen and let me know what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments below or find me on Twitter @RohanK_Health.

Click to listen at the Red Hot Podcast page, or hit the play button below.


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