Case Study: Dreaming with Clients

October 9, 2015

Los Angeles Child Support Services Department (LACSSD) operates the largest county-based child support program in the U.S., serving one million participants a year. The LACSSD set a goal of collecting more money to go to the children of L.A. County. They tried many strategies—new technology, organization and process changes—but only saw modest increases. They needed to try something new.

Conduent offers select clients “dreaming sessions” to identify potential gaps and unmet needs in the marketplace, and ultimately find new solutions. For LACSSD, we brought in established child support thought leaders and process experts to guide them through a focused brainstorming workshop. Then we combined the outcome with ethnography studies, data analytics and a predictive scoring model to make recommendations.

The result? We came up with strategies for identifying the types of orders that yield higher collections, and the best ways for case workers to spend their time. And this is only the beginning.


LA County Child Support

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