Case Study: Global Aerospace Company

December 10, 2016

Through our blended training solution, a global airplane manufacturer significantly reduced the amount of time over 20,000 employees spent in training.

  • An aerospace company needed to prepare 20,000-plus geographically dispersed employees in varying roles for implementation of new enterprise-wide software.
  • Our client had identified a need to increase time-to-competency associated with learning and using the new software.
  • In addition to reducing employee time spent in training, our client sought to increase relevance/applicability of training for each employee role.



  • Conduent Learning Services designed and developed a blended training solution, including an online component for use in the classroom training and for self-reference and remediation after classroom training.
  • Addressing the role variation challenge, Intrepid – a Conduent company – used job analysis to identify and document the common tasks each job/employee role performs with the software. This allowed Intrepid to develop modular curriculum based on tasks, linked to specific job roles.
  • Training was assigned based on job role, ensuring that each employee received focused, relevant training and eliminating training that was not applicable for the job.



The aerospace company reduced the time employees spent in training:

  • Our client’s previous solution entailed 40 hours of training per employee for all employees.
  • Conduent Learning Services’ solution reduced employee training time ranging from 4 to 32 hours, with 70% of employees required only
    4 hours of training.
  • Time-to-competency greatly increased and costs decreased – plus there was significantly less time away from production.
  • The software provider recognized this as the fastest and most successful implementation on record.
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