Case Study: Leading Cruise Line

February 22, 2016

When a leading, U.S.-based, global cruise line used our customer care services, they enjoyed a successful, rapid launch that achieved service level agreement standards.

Key to the launch’s success? Our creative “Personal Cruise Consultant” model, which helped the cruise company gain 112% sales conversion for global trade and 116% sales conversion for global direct.



  • High operational and capital costs
  • Eleven sites; nine languages
  • Inconsistent operations
  • Non-value processes
  • Lack of innovation
  • Lack of valuable customer data
  • Lack of data for confident decision-making



  • Standardized operations across 3 delivery sites
  • Voice, email and off-phone work
  • Rapid deployment due to regulatory constraints
  • Conduent leveraged creative and results-driven “Personal Cruise Consultant” (PCC) model
    • High-end, consultative sales professionals
    • Capability to capture customer insights
    • Innovation, such as CS and analytics
    • Actionable data



  • Site ready in less than 90 days
  • 100% recruiting fill rates
  • 112% sales conversion for Global Trade
  • 116% sales conversion for Global Direct
  • SLAs achieved
  • Strong quality scores
  • Greatly reduced costs and contractually reduced costs over time
  • Standardized reporting
  • Data for confident decision-making


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