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Case Study: Mailroom Solutions

Sorting through mail can be a long, inefficient process. Every government agency is plagued by a daily flood of paper-based mail.

The agency wanted to combine all of its district offices into one central collection point. This was a difficult task, considering the government agency had 10 district offices, approximately 100 different mail sorting activities and very few standard documents.

After extensive training and working onsite with our experts, government employees from each district gained a level of assurance that our mailroom solution was being deployed appropriately. We ramped up one district at a time.

Conduent created a document management system that was user-friendly and improved productivity. We also revamped the agency’s inbound document processing with a centralized mailroom and imaging solution that improved efficiency and accuracy, and reduced costs. With automatic document recognition, the government agency could route standard forms wherever they needed to go.

Now the government agency has reduced internal paper handling and automated manual sorting by 75%. Our mailroom solution supports case integrity by electronically sorting and validating document types based on case number or program rather than P.O. Box. Plus, turnaround time is down from 72 hours to 36 hours and field accuracy is up to 99%.

See how one government agency used our mailroom solutions to consolidate mail centers and automate processing.


Federal Mailroom Consolidation