Data-Driven Healthcare

April 7, 2016

In the days before computers, doctors sometimes used trial and error to treat their patients.

Try one approach; if you don’t see improvement in a few days, try something else. Inexact, for sure, but physicians relied on their training and intuition to restore their patients’ health.

The equation changed with the advent of computers, and the sophisticated software that analyzes data. Today, data is central to treating disease, improving overall quality of life for patients and improving efficiency of the global healthcare system. Guesswork is becoming more rare.

In this eBook, we will explore the fascinating science of healthcare data analytics, including:

  • The drivers. Why healthcare analytics have become necessary, possible and inevitable.
  • The use cases. How analytics create positive outcomes, high quality care, and lower costs – as well as how analytics improves the way payers and providers work.
  • The principles. Lessons to guide nascent healthcare analytics initiatives.

To be sure, no amount of data will ever substitute for the judgment of an experienced medical professional. But the healthcare data analytics revolution provides a new tool to get people healthy, and help them stay healthy.

Talk to Conduent. We’ll help you deploy the right tools and workflow that will help this exciting era reach its full potential.


Healthcare Analytics

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