Improving Customer Service on the Tollway

March 31, 2016

You’re sailing along, making good time on your commute – and then it happens. You hit the slow lane to a toll booth.

But since you’re a driver in the digital age, it’s merely a bump in the road. You steer your car to the closest E-ZPass lane, and in moments you’re back up to speed and heading home for dinner.

Electronic toll collection systems such as E-ZPass have made it easier for drivers to reach their destinations. And now Conduent is getting the chance to play an expanded role in shaping the experience.

The New Jersey E-ZPass Group has awarded Conduent an eight-year contract to enhance its E-ZPass® System customer support. Conduent will provide a state-of-the-art customer service center, violations processing, and financial back-office services.

No small task. New Jersey E-ZPass processed more than 608 million electronic toll transactions in 2015 and manages 2.5 million active accounts and 5 million active transponders. In total, the 16-state E-ZPass Group services more than 16 million accounts and 30 million transponder tags.

Conduent helps power many of the processes behind these transactions, both for E-ZPass customer service in New Jersey and other toll agencies as well. Our support helps tolling systems operate more effectively for agencies and their commuter customers.

Learn more about Conduent electronic tolling services.

Watch the video to see how electronic tolling works.

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