Learning How Consumers Interact with Brands: Our 2018 Consumer Experience Report is Coming Soon

October 23, 2018 Christine Landry

Christine Landry is the Group Chief Executive of Conduent's Consumer & Industrials business unit.

Helping our clients effectively engage with each of their customers is at the heart of everything we do. And knowing where the future of that engagement is headed is a central focus for Conduent. We’ve conducted targeted industry surveys for the past several years, surveying tens of thousands of consumers to pinpoint their interactions with brands during various stages in the consumer experience journey. 

We know, without even asking, that the way consumers interact with brands is shifting—and that shift will continue. Today, we’re living in a new era of digital interaction that’s becoming more individualized, immediate and intelligent than ever before. But what are the factors shaping these interactions and what do they mean for the companies whose businesses require a deep understanding of consumer preferences, both now and in the future?

A look back

Conduent’s 2017 State of Consumer Experience Report provided critical insight about how consumers preferred to interact with media, technology and telecom brands. After conducting a focused and detailed survey across the US, UK, Germany and the Netherlands, we found that:

  • Consumers are less inclined to contact providers—yet more likely to be unsatisfied.
  • The key takeaway: With fewer touch points between brand and Consumers, it’s critical for brands to deliver an exceptional consumer experience every time there is an opportunity to interact.

Though just a year has passed from our last survey, we suspect — and market data supports — that consumer expectations of today’s most important and loved brands have only increased. But what exactly are those expectations?

What to expect from Conduent’s 2018 Consumer Experience Survey

We are thrilled to have wrapped up our 2018 Consumer Experience Survey, which we will publish soon.

At the heart of what we hope to learn from our consumer data is how human behavior, needs and demands are shaping the future of those digital interactions. For example:

  • What actions or interactions with brands impact consumer propensity to switch or stay? How do these interactions affect overall consumer satisfaction?
  • What types of interaction channels do customers prefer at various stages of their journeys —from chatbots to social media interactions to face-to-face “in store” conversations?
  • How does the consumer’s level of brand trust (or lack thereof) impact the way they interact with brands — particularly regarding the use or sharing of personal data?

From the survey results, we will explore what these shifting expectations mean for consumer engagement goals in the upcoming 2018 Consumer Experience Report. The report will provide insights on consumer interactions with well-known brands across four key industries including media, technology, telecom and retail. These findings will arm consumer brands with a deeper understanding of how consumers are interacting with their brands today—and what to expect from an increasingly digitally-fueled future.

The Consumer Experience Report is slated to publish in early November.

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