Pioneering All-Electronic Tolling with No Room for Error

March 4, 2016

When a state toll agency constructed its first all-electronic toll (AET) highway, everyone was watching.

The project, which promised to reduce traffic delays, had a controversial history and sparked public debate. That meant the state toll agency (STA) couldn’t afford toll collection errors that might turn public sentiment against the AET system.

We helped the STA implement a state-of-the-art AET system that relies on precision technology to capture vehicle information at highway speeds. In addition to recognizing E-ZPass® transponders from people who have opened an E-ZPass® account, the system also recognizes and captures information from non-account holders.

Read the case study to see how the AET system’s successful, error-free implementation helped shorten commutes, reduce shipping costs, and improve safety and quality of life.


STA Electronic Tolling Solution

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