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The State of Urban Mobility

We’re kicking off an all-new podcast series to discuss the business of transportation, infrastructure and mobility, and what the future may hold.

Growing cities. Aging infrastructure. Increasing congestion. These are just a few of the challenges facing our cities across the country. According to our survey, “The Customer Experience of Urban Travel,” the common perception is that transit systems are uncomfortable and inconvenient compared to the flexibility of driving a car.

So how can cities and states embrace these challenges and create a more seamless, reliable and comfortable travel experience for their citizens? In this 15-minute podcast, host Ken Philmus and guests Dr. Tim Lomax and Jack Opiola discuss the current state of our urban transportation systems and share some real-world, pragmatic solutions to powering today’s mobility.

Ken Philmus
Senior Director of Global Business Development

Dr. Tim Lomax, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Jack Opiola, D’Artagnan Consulting