To your health!

December 6, 2016

It's a toast you might hear on a birthday or on Thanksgiving. It's a reminder never to take your current state of well-being for granted.

The evidence is mounting, however, that good health is hardly a matter for fate to determine — or even the best doctors. Increasing numbers of experts recognize that the course of your health is shaped more by what you do and how you live, than it is by who treats you.

Studies indicate that social, environmental and behavioral factors account for about 60 percent of the determinants of health; genetics account for 20 percent. Healthcare makes up the remaining 20 percent, according to experts at the Yale School of Medicine.

In communities across the U.S., social interventions that improve health outcomes, and lower the cost of care, are getting more attention from health providers, payers, health departments, employers and foundations.

In this eBook from Conduent, you’ll learn about the growing discipline of population health management. We’ll look at how applying advanced analytics can spot harmful behaviors that contribute to health problems, and we’ll review how analytics can create new approaches to treatment.


How Social Factors Shape Population Health
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