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eBook: Mission Critical - Staying resilient together in the face of uncertainty

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Right now, everyone in the world is grappling with unprecedented change, uncertainty, and disruption to our lives, work and families. This is uncharted territory for most businesses, in which leaders are facing more pervasive, complex challenges than ever before — and being forced to make some of the most difficult decisions of their careers.

This eBook explores some of the challenges that are top of mind for the C-suite right now including:

  1. How to support and engage your workforce
  2. Ways to stay connected with your customers
  3. Strategies for maintaining business operations
  4. How to traverse the mass change going on in the healthcare ecosystem

This business guide explores each of these areas in detail — highlighting many of the challenges that are top of mind for business and government leaders as the COVID-19 pandemic moves across the world. It also offers some practical ideas and solutions to help leaders address these challenges, and highlights some of the ways that Conduent can help organizations respond to this growing crisis and harden their business for the future.