7 employee engagement lessons HR can learn from marketing

November 3, 2016 Steven Laird

The customer may be king, but when you spend so much time focusing on customers you run the risk of neglecting another hugely important bunch of people: your employees.

The success of every department, every initiative, every strategy in any business relies on the people behind it. But when these people don’t communicate and work together, nothing works as well as it could.

The question for organizations is how to bridge the divide between HR and other departments, teams, and employees across the business. How can you communicate seamlessly with employees and support them in every aspect of their lives and careers? How can you get them to choose benefits that will fulfil their financial and health needs, as well as the needs of their families? And how can you make them feel part of something bigger and align their own personal goals to the goals of the business?

You need to bridge the gaps that have opened up between teams, and find new ways for HR to engage with all departments in the organization.

To help, we’ve created this eBook with seven lessons HR can learn from marketing. Customer engagement and employee engagement aren’t so different, after all.

Make your people feel a part of something bigger.

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