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March 28, 2017 conduentblogs


U.S., Workforce Magazine, Wellness-Weighing the Value of Workplace Wellness

“The heyday of incentives is probably passed and people are finding that incentives get people’s attention in some things and work in some parts of the wellness program to get people engaged, but for long-term sustainability, they’re not delivering.” Patty Curran, Conduent Human Resources Services Principal, National Practices.


U.S., Chicago Business Journal, 3 Workplace Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore

“As the workplace continues to change and organizations meet new challenges, it’s crucial to align the needs of employees and those of the business.” Dean Aloise, Conduent Human Resources Services Global Consulting Leader.


U.K., Pension Pulse, All Hail The UK’s State Pension Reforms?

“…he gives a good overview of the problem and why something needs to be done to address the UK’s ongoing pension crisis.” Referring to Marcus Heard, Conduent Human Resources Services, UK Principal Actuary.

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