Celebrating Customer Care Commitment

October 31, 2016 Helen Barton

Earlier this month, we celebrated Customer Service Week. It’s an annual celebration nationwide, and at Xerox, it includes the thousands of customer service representatives in our workforce. Each year a theme is chosen, and this year’s was “Service ChampionsTM.” We found it to be a perfect fit for the values, culture of innovation and excellent service our customer care teams deliver to our clients and their constituents every day. And because our front-line staff are so essential, we knew taking the opportunity for extra recognition and encouragement was the right thing to do.

While our government clients all share the same goal of providing the best possible service to constituents, their individual missions and charters vary widely. Customer care teams at Xerox are dedicated to specific clients and might have responsibilities that include:

  • Fielding requests about the status of electronic payment card disbursements including child support, payroll, unemployment insurance, or social security
  • Guiding drivers through the process of linking their credit card and toll transponder
  • Accepting payments for parking tickets or other enforcement actions
  • Helping low-income households manage their telecommunications needs

Teams might come to work every day in a big facility with several hundred coworkers, telework from the comfort of their own homes, or report to a walk-in center so constituents can resolve their questions in person.

Our Public Sector Customer Care programs came together for a week-long celebration using the “Service Champions” theme as they decorated offices, selected and gave away prizes and recognized the good work across their programs. The event photos taken at some of our locations during the celebration tell the story of the pride and teamwork that went into this annual event.

Representing their favorite Sports Teams

While the week-long celebration is a great occasion to reinforce and reward great behavior, our commitment to great customer service is truly year-round. Recognizing the work our teams do is similarly important to us regardless of what date is on the calendar. Satisfied and motivated employees are more likely to stay with the company, and reducing attrition saves money and improves service levels. It’s a win-win-win.

Also, we understand how high the bar has been set for government customer care these days. Citizens are better-informed, they’re used to self-service, and they want easy access to information and services. We help our government clients meet these high expectations all across the country. Our white paper “The Top 4 Trends in Customer Care for Public Sector” goes into more detail about ways to build a stronger connection with your constituents, whatever your mission may be.

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