Dreaming Child Support Possibilities Together

June 11, 2015 conduentblogs

By John Polk, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Xerox Child Support Solutions

PolkJ_BI_2580 (2)Innovation is constantly reshaping the way we live and work as individuals – and it’s also essential to improving how government agencies serve their citizens. Something new is always on the way – vehicle passenger detection systems, mobile child support payments and communicable disease outbreak tracking and tracing. What’s the next big thing for government, specifically in child support services? How can agencies improve processes to improve speed, efficiency and workflow? It all starts with dreaming the possibilities.

Over the past few years, we have been holding “dreaming sessions” with our clients, which are designed to facilitate out-of-the-box thinking that we can then apply to our clients’ biggest pain points. The half-day or full-day sessions allow participants and Xerox researchers to exchange ideas, sharing both real-world needs and future visions, as well as the challenges that they’re currently facing. These sessions are an opportunity to identify potential gaps and unmet needs not only for our clients, but the overall marketplace as well.

Dreaming sessions have been really successful in discovering hidden needs and providing visions for the future. Take, for example, the Los Angeles Child Support Services Department (LACSSD). They operate the largest county-based child support program in the U.S., serving one million participants per year. The agency was looking for a new strategy to help them meet two goals: increase collections and establish good cases by obtaining timely, accurate orders through every stage of the support process, from case opening to post-court and enforcement activities.

Through an ethnography study – observations and open-ended interviews – the Xerox team identified recommendations to improve monthly support collections by helping the department become more customer-centric. The team suggested ways to shift less important work from caseworkers so they could focus on what they do best – building relationships with non-custodial parents who are required to pay child support. By identifying the best ways for caseworkers to spend their time, LACSSD is on the road to maximizing collection efforts and reducing wasted efforts.

We invite you to dream with us! Learn more here.

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Dreaming Child Support Possibilities Together
Dreaming Child Support Possibilities Together

Innovation is constantly reshaping the way we live and work as individuals – and it’s also essential to...

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