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Electronic Case Reporting For Zika: A PHI Conference Report

The Public Health Informatics Conference in Atlanta was a success!  This year’s PHI conference was packed with educational sessions, workshops, and the Interoperability Showcase where Consilience participated in demonstrating Maven’s capabilities in automating the receipt of disease case reports.

In an earlier blog post about PHI, I talked about the importance of this conference for advancing public health informatics and improving the communication between hospitals, laboratories and public health organizations.

During the PHI Interoperability Showcase, Consilience joined forces with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MADPH), Epic and JBS International to highlight how Maven leverages interoperability with hospitals and laboratories in order to benefit public health organizations.

Showcase attendees saw a live use-case demonstrating:

  • The use of clinical document architecture (CDAs) to fortify information coming from electronic lab reports (ELRs) for public health reporting
  • The supplementation of data transfers after initial ELR and CDA transmissions are sent to public health
  • The acceptance of a CDA, in the absence of an ELR, or visa-versa.

With this year’s PHI conference behind us, we’re continuing to look ahead at all of the possibilities Maven offers health departments to improve their communication and interoperability with hospitals, laboratories and other public health agencies to communities healthier and safer.

Did you attend PHI this year? What was your favorite part of the conference? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.