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Get Ready For Wearables

Are you ready for wearable devices that fill out your time card? Check your kids into daycare? Let you know when bad weather is on the way? I recently contributed an article, “Get Ready for Wearables,” to Government Computer News about the upcoming prevalence of wearable technology and its implication for government agencies.

Specialized wearable devices, along with general-purpose devices like the Apple Watch, will soon be incorporated into government agencies to increase efficiencies and save money. For example, agencies may provide employees with a device that can serve as both a timecard and an access key, which could help improve security and attendance tracking.

But don’t forget that there’s often a dark side to convenience. As seen with the bring-your-own-device movement, employees will demand to use personal devices at work, and agencies will need to ensure the security of any number of device types. This means agencies need to start their security planning now.

Read the full article, “Get ready for wearables,” at GCN.