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Helping public sector agencies better serve their constituents

Governments serve millions of constituents every day. But as citizens’ expectations around accessibility, speed and ease of use continue to grow, how can governments deliver those services most efficiently?

Conduent partners with governments around the world—including every state in the United States—to improve the way agencies and citizens interact across a wide range of services. This means introducing new technologies to modernize service delivery using the latest innovations in automation, analytics and human-centric process design.

What we offer

On roads, highways, and bridges this could mean electronic toll collection solutions that include automated tolling, dynamic pricing and automatic violation detection. In cities and suburbs, we work with public transit operators to offer contactless payment and open payment solutions on buses and trains.

We also work with government agencies to process payments, offer customer care services, process claims and administer benefits. These range from child support payments to social services such as Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT), Women, Infants and Children (WIC) EBT, Electronic Payment Cards and Electronic Child Care.

Our Smart Parks solutions help governments integrate online park reservations, sales management, modern payment processing, automated parking solutions, mobile apps and much more. In payroll and pension administration, we offer a set of tools that turn slow, manual tasks like payroll processing or recording, filing and certifying documents into simple and secure automated processes.

Why it matters

Working with government stakeholders, we offer a re-engineered delivery model that simplifies access to programs and services — all with the end goal of best serving the individuals, children and families who rely on their assistance. Our services are designed to significantly improve citizen health, safety and well-being with the best in modern, digital technologies. This means offering useful public sector solutions for electronic payments, workflows, systems and customer experience.

These services not only save costs but lead to speedier and more accurate transactions for clients. And because  transactions are more secure, they offer a higher level of protection for citizens’ personal information while minimizing fraud, waste and abuse. Meanwhile, citizens are happier with the hassle-free service and on-time, accurate payments offered.

There’s another big benefit that comes with using our public sector solutions: increased security through analytics. Our electronic payment cards with analytics prevent fraud and abuse for government agencies and citizens’ benefit entitlement payments.

Our fraud prevention toolkit also includes automated fraud prevention and anomaly detection, ad hoc data queries and investigation, and data search and discovery. Plus, Conduent creates dynamic reports and offers multiple dashboard views, making it easier to visualize and zero-in on the information that matters.

At the end of the day, it comes down to helping governments better serve their most valuable asset — the people. This means ensuring every interaction is seamless, secure, compliant and personal. It means offering solutions that fit the unique needs of public sector users.

Want to find out more about how Conduent works with government agencies to help the people they serve? Watch this video.