How Conduent Touches Millions of Lives Each Day

March 28, 2018 Michael Langenohl

You may be aware of Conduent’s expertise in customer experience, finance, and other business operations, but did you know that we touch millions of lives each day through our public sector solutions—maybe even yours? From the daily commute to work or school, to government benefits received on convenient payment cards, to helping doctors effectively manage patient care, our digital solutions help millions of people every day in the U.S. and around the world.

A Closer Look

The average person’s relationship with Conduent begins on their commute to work. We helped introduce electronic toll systems in the U.S. and today we process 50% of all such transactions nationwide, on roads from New York to San Francisco.

We handle everything from infrastructure to the camera software that reads license plates and the back-end financial systems that debit customer accounts. A full 9 million Americans drive to work a little faster each day thanks to Conduent’s expertise on our roadways.

Conduent also manages public transit systems using smart cards that let 28 million people in 35 countries quickly tap in and out on buses and subways daily. We help municipal clients collect essential data on passenger behavior so that they can make smart decisions about route scheduling, passenger flow, and station remodeling with confidence.

From Transportation and Mobility to Human Services, Healthcare, and Beyond

Conduent’s fast payment management technology doesn’t stop end with the road. We also handle government payments to Americans who depend on benefits each month. We manage 43% of all child support payments processed in the country, getting funds to the children and families who need them. In more than 150 government payment card programs, we disburse everything from Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF) to payroll, pension, foster care payments, social security, unemployment insurance benefits, and more.

We deliver payment services how and where people need them. As the federal government moves away from issuing paper-based checks, we have found innovative new ways to support unbanked Americans. On the first business day of each month, our systems quietly cope with a massive spike in demand, issuing $100 million in debit card payments in a period of just 45 minutes.

Our benefits payment solutions handle the process from end to end (you’ve probably experienced us yourself without even knowing it!). We qualify individuals and set up accounts, then manage electronic transfers from the government to the payee. It gives us the visibility that we need to detect and fight fraud, saving U.S. taxpayers money and helping states preserve funds that can be used in direct service delivery.

Our expertise in benefits and claims processing has also served our healthcare and pharmacy clients. We manage healthcare claims and distribute funds, processing almost $2 billion in drug rebate claims annually. For our Medicaid clients, we process more than 413 million claims annually and handle nearly 4 million calls, faxes and emails through our contact centers.

Finally, we don’t just help keep America’s roads, social security, and healthcare systems running smoothly, we’re also constantly finding ways to improve them. Our analytics help prevent opioid abuse and coordinate care by identifying gaps in treatment. On America’s roads, we helped introduce high-occupancy tolling, where customers pay to travel in low-congestion lanes with guaranteed speeds, for a fee. These are just some ways in which Conduent works efficiently in the background, touching the lives of one in eight Americans every day. And the proof that we’re doing it right is the fact that most of them—maybe even you!—never even know we’re there.

Learn more about Conduent’s public sector experience in this video.

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