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How Technology Impacts Outbreaks

In the wake of a major disease outbreak, public health officials are strategizing ways to control Zika, safeguard public health, and promote the well-being of their communities through education, research, and surveillance.

Often the catalyst in controlling and understanding an outbreak is dependent upon the reliance on a robust disease surveillance process and plan.  Join us on Wednesday, December 7th at 2pm EST for our live webinar exploring Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management methods using Maven.

See firsthand as we follow Mike, a married male who travels to Mexico and is bitten by an infected mosquito. When he returns from Mexico he becomes symptomatic and his lab test results are positive for Zika. The epidemiologist engages in patient interaction and learns Mike’s wife Sally is pregnant. The epidemiologist expands this case to include Sally and her baby. We follow both cases as they are processed through a Public Health Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management System.  With the use of a data transformation engine and reporting tools, Maven is simplifying the process and decreasing the workload for users.

A Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management System like Maven helps local and state health departments collect, manage, analyze and report health data for disease surveillance, outbreak management and birth defects registry solutions. Maven already supports collection of Zika Virus data through its flexible and highly interoperable capabilities, allowing the system to grow and adapt to new and emerging public health threats.

Cities and states are using Maven-enabled disease surveillance systems to track, trace, monitor, and report outbreaks in their communities, and leverage this data to craft evidence-based strategies to manage these diseases. Disease surveillance is the cornerstone of public health, where evidence-based decision making begins.  As technology advances, demands on collecting and reporting health data will continue to increase. Maven provides public health officials with usable, actionable data, allowing public health officials to focus on creative problem-solving in critical areas such as program planning and applying data to action.

If you are interested in learning more and seeing this use case in action, please Register here to see how Maven can benefit your organization and get answers to any questions you may have from solution experts.