Isabella County Register of Deeds Simplifies Land Record Searches with AgileFlow Super Search

April 28, 2016 De Ana Thompson

Scenario 1: A citizen needs a copy of a property deed, so they drive down to the local Register of Deeds office or approach a Title company to do the search for a service fee. To search, a clerk will require certain information such as the year the document was recorded, grantor/grantee names and any title or legal information. Often, the citizen doesn’t have this information handy. In this case, the employee has to sift through index books and documents manually, using the information they are given to find the record the citizen needs. This at times may get very tedious and laborious.

Scenario 2: A citizen needs a copy of a property deed so they visit their county’s Register of Deeds website. They access the search application, type in any available information such as the name, legal information or the property address for the record they need and select the appropriate document from the available results. A copy of the document is emailed directly to the citizen instantaneously.

Which scenario is preferred? In Michigan’s Isabella County the time consuming and tedious way of obtaining land records in the first scenario is now nonexistent. With the help of our AgileFlow Super Search Solution, Isabella County residents can locate and obtain land record information via the Isabella County website. Users simply enter information such as name and type of document into the search box and results are displayed in order of relevance. Super Search is intuitive and fast – making things easy for everyone.

Through Optical Character Recognition (OCR), even information that hasn’t been indexed can be found. OCR takes an original digital document and converts it into a text document that is loaded into the Super Search database. This means that Super Search looks through every word in all the documents to find the exact phrase you are looking for, not just the information that is indexed. With OCR, we converted 700,000 historical records for Isabella County, some dating back more than a century, to a digital database that is easily searchable through Super Search.

To learn more about how Isabella County has improved the way residents obtain copies of deeds, mortgages, liens, oil and gas leases and court orders, check out this in-depth case study.

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