Looking for Innovation in State Government IT?

May 1, 2014 Charlie Watts

When you think of innovation, what comes to mind? The newest version of the shiniest smartphone? New ways to watch TV on demand?  A wrist watch PC that provides access to your calendar? Consumer innovations are all around us and the pace of these developments seems faster every day.

However, what about innovation in government? Sometimes it’s harder to see the changes. State governments don’t generally hand out smartphones or download videos about their progress.   Yet, there are signs everywhere that state government agencies are pushing themselves to come up with more and better services through IT innovation.

Next week, the midyear conference of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) is being held in Baltimore, Maryland. State executives from coast to coast are coming together to share ideas and best practices under the umbrella of “Bringing it All Together: Mapping the Journey.” Specialists in technology, innovation, and security from both the public and private sectors are putting their heads together to stimulate both discussion and action. Because, the more we can do to innovate together, the better we can serve citizens.

Not just at conferences like NASCIO Midyear, but back in their home states on a daily basis government executives are working diligently to deliver on the promise of innovation in government. Xerox is well known for its innovation and today we’re working alongside government agencies across the country and around the world to bring innovation to their citizens.

In just the past 60 days, we have:

  • Launched our Vehicle Passenger Detection System, an HOV/HOT lane compliancy test system that uses Xerox video analytics to identify the number of occupants in a vehicle, improving lane management and HOV enforcement. This system can also produce valuable analytics for agencies to improve roadway management, traffic patterns and total vehicle occupant statistics.
  • Underwritten FedScoop’s 2014 Digital Government Study, surveying more than 230 government and industry IT decision makers. The study found that 94 percent of all respondents agree that creating a digital government is beneficial, and both industry and government are feeling the fiscal pressure with 60 percent of respondents citing IT budgets as the biggest obstacle to their organization’s digital strategy.
  • Achieved ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification for our Government and Transportation Sector Technology Delivery Center. Following a multi-location assessment of seven work sites housing 600 employees, Xerox GTS TDC yielded ‘zero nonconformities.’ Xerox was also identified as a ‘market leader’ based on the 24 best practices observed during the assessment.
  • Added Analytics support to states that enables them to ask “what if” visualization of their data in a way never before dreamed.

All of this work supports our goal of helping governments transform the way they serve their constituents both now and in the future.  Xerox is more engaged than ever with bringing innovation to government and providing higher citizen engagement. It is clear that the future holds immense promise and there’s a quickening pace of visible innovation in government.

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Charlie Watts

SVP, IT Managed Services, Xerox State Enterprise Solutions

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