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January 21, 2016 De Ana Thompson

Not long ago, when you wanted to learn more about a topic you pulled out an encyclopedia or went to a library for some old-fashioned research. Nowadays most people head to the Internet and plug their query into a search engine.

And just as Internet search has revolutionized the way we obtain certain information, Xerox research has developed advanced technology designed to transform the way constituents find county records.

AgileFlow Super Search is a web-based search engine that provides both full text and index searches, navigators to narrow down searches, email delivery of selected documents and a shopping cart with credit card payment. With AgileFlow Super Search, residents can easily search and obtain certified copies of documents such as:

  • deeds
  • mortgages
  • liens
  • oil and gas leases
  • court orders

Similar to the way we search for information using Google, Yahoo or Bing, Super Search uses one search box to enter free-form text. You simply enter in the information you know, such as name and type of document, and the results are displayed in order of relevance.

Through Optical Character Recognition (OCR), even information that hasn’t been indexed can be found. OCR takes an original digital document and converts it into a text document that is loaded into the Super Search database. This means that Super Search looks through every word in all the documents to find the exact phrase you are looking for, not just the information that is indexed. Recently Xerox and Isabella County in Michigan used the OCR process to convert 700,000 historical records, some dating back more than a century, to a digital database that is easily searchable through Super Search. Residents can access Super Search through the app or Isabella County’s website.

Super Search not only makes finding county records fast and easy, but also assists law enforcement investigating fraudulent recordings when fictitious notary names are being used. For more information about how Super Search is transforming the way residents search for recorded documents, check out this video.

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De Ana Thompson

Director, New Product & Business Development & Installation, Xerox Local Government Solutions

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