Need Deeds? Cook County Makes E-Filing Virtually Automatic

November 24, 2015 Matt Armstrong

Every minute spent on paperwork feels like a wasted minute. If you want to make constituents and employees happy, transform a time-consuming, manual office process to an automatic and seamless one. That’s what we and Cook County, Illinois are doing – launching a new program that will help the county’s operations work better, making it faster and more efficient to file the more than 78,000 documents sent to the county each month.

MyDec is an online program that delivers the ability to process real property transfer tax declarations, including authorizing and printing electronic stamps. Until now, MyDec transactions had to be manually processed by county recorders. The new solution transforms that process to be completely electronic and virtually automatic.

As the second most populated county in the U.S., Cook County is using MyDec to deliver to their residents a faster, easier, and less expensive way to work with county government. You can read more about the new online program, which is open to all Illinois counties, here.

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