Reengineering Project Management Makes Waves in Riverside

July 1, 2015 Fred Speer

The city of Riverside, Calif., a long-term Xerox customer, has been making waves for years as one of the nation’s most intelligent cities. It’s an incredible story of a city in the midst of an economic and societal downturn that used innovation and technology to transform into today’s award-winning, economic powerhouse.

The latest innovation between the city of Riverside and Xerox is a new project management system called “The Hive.” The Hive is an in-house portal based on the Project Management Institute’s best practices for project management. It uses Microsoft SharePoint technology and not only validates the project management process framework compliance, but also significantly improves communications among project stakeholders. The Hive is currently hosting more than 700 projects for Riverside’s department of Innovation and Technology with more than 100 active projects at any given time.

Some benefits of The Hive over other cloud-based project management solutions include:

  • Security: The Hive is accessed using a browser that is authenticated securely and transparently using existing Active Directory (network) login. Access permissions can also be managed at the department and project level.
  • User-friendly: Active Directory integration makes finding people, creating project teams, or assigning tasks to team members easy and quick too. Every user can also access their own dashboard where they can work and complete their tasks across all of their assigned projects.
  • Vast in size and rich with features: The Hive can host unlimited projects and includes features such as: project request form, project charter, project schedule, Gantt chart, milestones, budget tracking, communication management, risk management, issue tracking, change control, and project document repository.
  • Enables better communication: The Hive improves project communication. Emails are automatically generated to keep the project stakeholders informed about the project activities all the way from the project initiation phase to the closing.
  • Enhances workflow: The Hive breaks down a city’s strategic goals into departmental objectives and creates and tracks the projects to meet those objectives and goals. The Hive can interface with other systems such as the financial system and the time keeping system.
  • Future proof: The Innovation and Technology department is currently developing new features such as a high-level management dashboard.

Word of The Hive and its benefits are spreading throughout Riverside and beyond. While it was initially developed for managing IT projects, its use has expanded to now function as a citywide project management tool. City of Riverside departments currently using The Hive include public utilities, public works, fire, economic development, human resources, and marketing. We’re currently exploring options to package and distribute The Hive project portal to other interested government agencies.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Hive, send me an email at Our goal is to empower every department and interested agency with collaborative tools to help build operational efficiency, improve business functions, improve customer service, and reduce costs.

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