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Talking to the Next Generation of Child Support Program Leaders

It’s been a whirlwind couple of months in child support enforcement, including Child Support Awareness Month, the annual NCSEA Leadership Symposium, and last week’s WICSEC conference in Alaska. It’s been exciting to see so many clients and colleagues in person and talk about the challenges and opportunities state programs will be tackling in the year ahead.

Last month at the NCSEA Leadership Symposium, we tried something new: at our booth in the Exhibit Hall, we offered a brief survey, asking attendees about their leadership experiences, goals and attitudes.  Thanks to everyone who participated! First, we shared the results with the individuals who took the survey, and now we’re sharing them with you.

You can download a PDF of the results here.

One quick highlight: 95 percent of those surveyed indicated that they either strongly agreed or agreed with the statement “My agency supports my desire to be a leader” – which is great news for the next generation of child support program leaders. Training opportunities are essential to making sure we have qualified, energized leaders ready to take our programs forward into the future.

After attending both NCSEA and WICSEC this fall, I’m excited about the future of child support. I hope you are too. Strong programs make a huge difference to the children and families we all serve.