Top Topics of 2015 So Far

May 27, 2015 Guest Blogger

June is just around the corner, and we’re almost halfway through 2015 already. It’s a great time to take stock of the insights our bloggers have shared so far this year — and which of these insights have proved most popular with our readers all across the public sector.

One of the most popular (most often clicked and shared) posts so far this year was just published earlier this month: The Telecommuting Win-Win. This great piece from Xerox expert Travis Pierce spelled out the benefits of telecommuting for employer and employee alike. Said Pierce: “At Xerox, more than 8,000 employees work remotely 100 percent of the time. Thousands of other employees have telecommuting options ‘as needed’. Forbes recently interviewed Xerox, along with Dell and Atena, because we’re recognized as one of the most forward-thinking and progressive companies when it comes to offering telecommuting options.”

Also very popular were two posts from VP and Client Executive Chuck Brooks: Servicing the Internet of Things and the New Digital Economy, and Solving Problems With Technology Convergence. The former was actually published in 2014 but continues to be shared and clicked steadily, showing the enduring appeal of insight on this topic. Of the latter, Brooks wrote: “And we’ve only tapped the surface. Social media, especially LinkedIn, is set to become a mainstream platform for public and private sector collaboration. Data mining and predictive analytics will be fundamental to the effective implementation of convergence technologies and the cloud will be increasingly important for pooling resources and information distribution.”

We’ve also gotten lots of attention on John Polk’s Child Support Payments Are Going Mobile post, previewing the changes coming to our ExpertPay online payment site. Those changes include a new mobile app and a revamped web portal that will make things easier for employers, obligors, and payroll companies remitting child support payments at the state level. “Child support customers, like customers in other industries, demand the convenience mobile access brings,” said Polk. “That convenience is coming, and its benefits are just around the corner.”

Rounding out the most-read and most-shared posts of the year so far are two posts in the electronic payments area: Experience Matters in a Prepaid Card Partner and Simplifying Payments: Multiple Benefits on One Card, both from our VP of Card Strategic Solutions, JB Donaldson.  On the topic of financial inclusion, she wrote, “It is estimated that 88 million Americans are either unbanked or underbanked, relying on check-cashing storefronts to get funds. Payment cards are transforming that process by connecting the unbanked with quick, easy access to their funds, while avoiding costly fees associated with paper checks. Today, many states are taking this process one step further by adopting payment card programs that offer multiple benefit payments on one card to help enhance service to constituents, improve access to funds and to simplify procurement.”

We’re always looking for suggestions on what most interests our readers. Feel free to comment below with a topic you’d like to hear more about.

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We’ll keep you informed through the rest of 2015 and beyond.

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