Xerox and Consilience Unite

October 28, 2014 Joy Alamgir

Government agencies are continually pressed to do more with less – be more responsive and engage with citizens 24/7/365 – without the supporting staff or funds to do so. They need a way to extract meaningful insight from the huge amounts of data they collect.

For more than 11 years Consilience has been focused on developing scalable technology that helps public entities work more efficiently, resolve cases more quickly, and distribute services faster. And as we joined the Xerox family earlier this month, we’ve taken a huge step towards helping more agencies quickly deliver services ranging from public health to labor and justice.

Through our Maven Case Management System, we are transforming the way governments approach outbreak management – within their own organizations and with each other. The system uses configurable rules along with data analytics so government agencies can extract more value from information to work smarter, faster and with relevant insights.

Maven software automates workflows for document- and labor-intensive processes so government agencies can speed decision-making that directly impacts citizens. Entire case lifecycles, from initiation through disposition and reporting, are electronically routed to help governments deliver services faster. Maven also helps prioritize the work so the most important and effective actions are performed first

The system is easier to implement and more agile because collection, assessment and reporting of data are configurable and integrate with existing software. This ability to quickly adapt to changes such as policy updates or emerging health threats is what sets Maven apart from other case management tools.

For example, when it comes to health practices, reaction to current needs or changing circumstances must happen fast – really fast. Remember the reaction to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) or H1N1? Today there is an increasing need for health organizations around the world to prepare for a possible Ebola outbreak. There isn’t time to wait for a technology update or new software release. Everything must happen immediately so agencies can react and garner timely insight to provide the services needed most when they are needed.

There are currently 33 Maven deployments across seven U.S. states, four U.S. cities and two states in Australia, and we’re excited to see these numbers grow with Xerox.

Stay tuned for more blog posts about Consilience and how we can help modernize government. In the coming weeks, I will cover topics like adapting to change, automatic routing, the technology behind Maven as well as highlighting some customers already implementing our tools.

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Joy Alamgir

Chief Strategy Officer of Consilience, A Xerox Company

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