Conduent’s Recent Leadership Recognition by NelsonHall Makes a Statement: Here’s Why


In a recent press release, Conduent announced it was named an overall leader in NelsonHall’s Advanced Analytics NEAT Rankings across multiple industries, including healthcare. In addition to the NEAT rankings, Conduent also achieved leadership ranking in the NelsonHall Healthcare Commercial Payer BPS Evaluation, which examines BPS activities associated with healthcare insurance in the public and private sectors in the United States.

This is exciting and encouraging news, for certain, because rankings such as this are proof that what we’re doing in partnership with our clients, in a constantly transforming healthcare industry, is working.

Looking back for a moment

When Conduent was formed in 2017, we were a new organization combined into “one from many,” that was marching forward with a new shared vision: to become a technology-first digital interactions company that would transform the way our business and government clients engage with their end users.

However, for a company that had been comprised of many diverse organizations that were, for the most part, viewed in the market as business process outsourcing companies, we faced an uphill journey to convince our clients, investors, partners, and the analyst community that we would have staying power in this increasingly digital world. We needed to show them that our organization, at every level and in the many industries in which we play, could be a transformative force for technology innovation that drives both business efficiencies and end-user satisfaction.

Transforming our business, so our clients can transform too

For the past two years, we’ve been working behind the scenes to streamline our operations, grow our team of technology experts and elevate every aspect of how we do business for the benefit of our customers.  We have learned from our clients about the many challenges they face in managing and upgrading legacy systems — and the roadblocks this creates to customer satisfaction. We’ve invested in new technology platforms to help us deliver customized solutions that remove those pain points, driving modern digital interactions for our clients’ end users. And I’m happy to say that all the work we’ve been doing is working.

From where I sit with a broad view of the healthcare industry, and through my conversations with clients and members of my team each week, it’s clear that we’ve made a lot of progress — and that we all still have a lot of work to do. It’s important work with the end goal of delivering the kind of analytics-driven, fully integrated digital healthcare experience that consumers, providers, health plans, pharma and life sciences companies talk about every day within their boardrooms. It’s inspiring to know that the progress we’re making at Conduent each day is helping to form those critical building blocks — connecting the entire healthcare ecosystem through data access and integration.

Looking ahead

Collectively, there are still many areas where the healthcare industry lags behind in delivering against today’s consumer expectations for a digital patient experience. But the work we are doing at Conduent is moving healthcare forward. We’re harnessing the power of data, helping our clients derive meaning from it and enabling a more connected healthcare landscape. The result is groundbreaking transformation — impacting the ways that consumers interact with the healthcare industry, and helping to connect a complex ecosystem.

Since we acquired new core administration processing capabilities with the Conduent HSP Payer Suite last fall, we’ve made tremendous progress in bringing leading edge technology innovations and transforming consumer interactions with their health plans. We’re excited about our enhanced core administration platform solution (CAPS) offering that is helping today’s health plans evolve to meet their customers’ changing expectations. With HSP Payer Suite, we are now able to provide our customers with a fully integrated solution offering, combining both industry-leading technology plus the expertise and services they need for long-term success.

Right now, we are working with one client on an industry-leading AI and blockchain-based set of tools that will deliver a better user experience for their members. Through our unique ability to make data actionable, we’re disrupting the status quo and seizing new opportunities for our clients to reinvent end-user interactions. I look forward to sharing more about this exciting work in the future.

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