Delaware Child Support System

March 7, 2018

Bringing Case Management of Child Support Enforcement Services into the 21st Century

When it was implemented more than 30 years ago, Delaware’s Division of Child Support Enforcement’s (DCSE) electronic records system was a model of modern efficiency. Decades later, it was beginning to show its age.

In fact, as with many of the electronic child support enforcement systems developed and built on the mainframe technologies of yesteryear, maintenance—let alone any effort to improve functionality—had become an expensive and labor-intensive challenge.

With the need for improved functionality and time-saving automation as the primary drivers, Delaware made the commitment to develop and implement a new automated system for enforcing child support, based on today’s most up-to-date technologies.

Working with Conduent, Delaware DCSE designed, developed and launched their new Delaware Child Support System (DECSS) in record time. The system has added automation, efficiencies and flexibility to the division’s case management capabilities—while transforming the delivery of child support enforcement services to the families of Delaware.

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