Land Records Search Made Easy

March 30, 2017

With more than 700,000 paper land records dating as far back as 1803, Isabella County in Michigan had significant challenges to overcome to reach their goal of a Web-searchable index, e-commerce and digital records delivery.

Finding a record required the searcher to provide specific information—like a name or index number—without which an employee would need to perform a public records search manually through thousands of paper documents.

By 2015, finding and obtaining certified deeds, mortgages, liens, oil and gas leases, and court orders had become a time-consuming, all-encompassing and expensive task for employees and records-seekers alike.

Enter Conduent® AgileFlow Super Search Solution, combining simple and intuitive Web-based search capabilities with a digital database of Isabella County’s present-day and historical records.

Hundreds of thousands of records—some centuries old—were digitized and processed using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and made available for free online county records search.

Using a PCI-compliant shopping card and electronic delivery of purchased items, Isabella County has transformed the record-seeking experience for residents, prospectors and employees.



Isabella County Agileflow Super Search

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